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AMAL - Authentic Method of Alternative Learning

AMAL is a non-profit organization working actively from 2014. It is mainly focused on ensuring good health of underprivileged children. In a country like Bangladesh, good food and proper medical help are luxuries for poor people. AMAL has tried to ensure healthy food and proper health care for children from the very beginning of its inception.

It already run a lot of health projects in different parts of Bangladesh (mainly Dhaka). Though its prime focus is health, it has worked in different sectors for making those unfortunate children’s lives better. It has run educational projects, new cloth distribution projects, relief distribution for flood affected people etc. For example- it has successfully finished relief distribution program in Sonpocha Chor, Sariakandi a few days earlier. This program helped nearly 2000 people with food, cloth, medicine, health checkup etc.

AMAL has a huge number of volunteers who work dedicatedly to build a better world. It has more than 300 volunteers around the country. They work relentlessly to make the underprivileged kids smile. AMAL operates within Bangladesh with the help of these amazing people.

AMAL believes that every child has potential to become great. But every child isn’t fortunate enough to get all the privileges. AMAL wants to be a part of those unfortunate kids journey of exploring greatness. AMAL wants to help them to be a better person, to have a greater life. AMAL’s long term goal is to ensure health and education facility for every unfortunate child in Bangladesh within 2025.


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