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Making Own Child Disfigured for Money: New Form of Begging

Making Own Child Disfigured for Money: New Form of Begging

It's a very disturbing title, right? Unfortunately, this is the reality beyond humanity. I was working on a project on providing free prosthetic hands to the underprivileged children who lost their hands in terrible accidents.

While working on this project I met,Tara. Tara is a 11 years old girl who begs in one of the busiest traffic signals of Dhaka. She lost her hand ( up to wrist) in a terrible accident when she was only 7 years old. But her mother gave the doctor extra money to cut her hand up to the elbow!!!

Why!!! What is the reason ---

When I secretly interviewed her mother I found the dirty root cause behind this which made her to decide cut half of her daughter’s hand. Here is a part of my conversation with Tara’s mother-

Me: Tara told me that you took her to a hospital after her accident to cut her in good physical shape hand? Why???

Tara’s Mother: You see, we are beggars!!!

Me: So?

Tara’s Mother: People give more money when they see a small girl with no hands.

Me: To get more begging money you cut her hand????

Tara’s Mother: Yes!!!

Now days in poor community at the slums they are randomly doing this inhuman crime not only with themselves but also with their children just to get more begging money. They took this as a good lifetime investment through which they can make more living!!! Irony but true.

There is no law enforcement regarding this in the South Asia and this had made this inhuman act more random and fearless!

About The Author

Esrat Karim Eve is the Founder of AMAL, helping the marginalized people of Bangladesh for the betterment of their life. She finished her graduation from Dhaka University in Finance. She left all the attraction towards high paying multi national jobs to devote her life for finding the ways for social improvement.