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The Char Project

Ensuring Better Lifestyle at Char

The girls in the Char are getting married before 12 years old which leads to high population as well as lots of death cases while delivering their child. The root cause is poverty which is leading other problems like – High. Sonpocha is a highly populated Char with 10,000 people . Their main occupation is agriculture. Due to the geographical state of a Char about 2 months of each year they live in boats or under the sky. People are true fighters. The place has no electricity as well as no sanitary toilet. Therefore, life is very hard for the localities. There is no certified physician or a good school. People boil leaves from the ponds and eat them three times as meal because they can’t even afford rice.

The most irony part no other NGO is working for them. AMAL discovered the place in 2016. Since then we are working on empowering them as well as create a respective social value for women so that they have social rights as well as respect. The main identified issues are-

  • Poverty- per day income is under 180 BDT
  • Child Marriage- girls are getting married before 12 years old
  • No proper schooling system
  • No hospital or professional doctor
  • No electricity
  • No sanitation
  • Lack of education and respect for woman
  • Traditional money lender with high interest on lending

From the July of 2016 AMAL has started working to develop the community. After doing three months of extensive research AMAL picked 50 poorest woman from the Char and we started our Live stock project by giving goats to those poor women.Our valuable partner for the Char project is Moyeen Foundation. Also, AN USA based organization named Rise Through Change is our strategic partner for this project. Besides , this running projects we did five health camps with 2000 people where we gave free medicines and checkups. In this winter ,we distributed 1500 blankets as well. Right now we are working on few more farming and nursery projects to empower the local people.

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